Proofreading - editing - texts

Proofreading - editing - texts


Misprints soon to become an extinct species!

In no case will you find characters mistakenly set in another font when we are finished with a text.

Documents already translated

Let’s say you have a document that has already been translated, but your command of the target language does not enable you to be sure that the quality of the translation meets your requirements. You may want to have texts written in non-Latin script (such as Cyrillic or Chinese) or in a different direction (such as Japanese or Arabic) checked to see that they are complete and that the sequence of the characters and relationship of the graphic elements are correct. Or you may have been so deeply involved in working on the text and its subject matter that you would like a fresh eye to check whether it is really understandable and free of errors. 

That is why Mahrt Fachübersetzungen offers you the same services for a foreign-language text of your own that are included in the price of the translations we ourselves supply.


We will check the spelling, grammar and punctuation of your foreign-language text, including special characters in the foreign language. Of course, at the same time we will also proof and correct the pagination and paragraph breaks, as when the last sentence of a paragraph has slipped into the next column or page. If we have the source text, we will also make sure that the translation is complete, counterchecking every single word, sentence and paragraph. You will then receive two versions of the corrected text: one with the changes marked so they can be traced, and a second with the changes already included.

Foreign language typesetting / DTP

Translating a text from one language to another can change its length and in some cases its direction, as well. This can cause problems with the relationship of text to graphic elements in the layout of brochures, leaflets, handouts, advertisements, manuals or operating instructions, etc. We will check and correct the relationship of text and graphics for you, as well as the entire layout.

Editing - adaptation

If you wish, we will not only compare the texts but also optimize the content and style of the target text. Here we also take account of nonverbal, cultural differences, as in symbolism and imagery, or differences in the significance of certain colors.

Texts - Adaptation

Upon request, our professional translators and copywriters who specialize in advertising will rephrase the advertising message directly in the target language. In the process, we will naturally take consideration for the cultural and regional circumstances of the country as well as the target group at which the text is aimed.

At all stages of editing – from proofreading to DTP up to copywriting – you can count on translators whose native language is the one unfamiliar to yourself, whether it be German, French, Italian, Spanish, American English, British English, Polish, Russian, Czech, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Arabic or one of the many Asian languages, such as Chinese and Japanese.


Translating means understanding.


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