Terminology management
 - Translation memory tools

Terminology management
 - Translation memory tools

In the beginning was the word.

Our translators use translation memory tools in their work. These programs divide the text up into segments, such as headings, sentences, paragraphs, etc., so that each segment can be translated into the target language one after the other. In the process, the segments of the source text are coupled with the corresponding segments in the target language and saved in the memory tool’s database, in the form of language pairing or source-target pairing.

As the translation proceeds, the memory tool checks the segments of the source text to see if they repeat. If they do, the memory tool presents the paired target text to the translator, who then decides whether or not to use it.

In this way, any wording, definitions or terms which turn up again and again in the source text are reliably and consistently linked to their equivalents in the target text. In other words, memory tools ensure that translations are intrinsically consistent, even if their volume or deadline requires the collaboration of several translators.

The memory tool also searches for any matches from previous translations and presents them to the translator. Thus the matching pairs in the tool’s database guarantee that the same terminology will be used in your texts, past, present and future. Like yourselves, we want the terms you use to describe your services, products and corporate identity in your source language to be reflected accurately and consistently in the target language.

In the end, your words come out the same.


Translating means understanding.



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