Translating means understanding

Our core competence is top-class professional translations in accordance with DIN 15038. This quality standard defines not only aspects of translation itself, but also the technical and human resources required for a professional translation, the work stages and the quality assurance a translation needs to meet the standard.

All languages

We supply translations in all languages, for instance, in German, in American and British English, in French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Czech, Dutch, Danish, Swedish and in Arabian or Asian languages, such as Chinese and Japanese.

Qualification times three

Our professional translators are qualified three times over:

  • First, they are native speakers and therefore not only perfectly familiar with the grammar of the target language, but also its culture.

  • Second, they have had professional training as translators, interpreters and copy-writers.

  • Third, our translators are professionals – for instance, engineers, medical practitioners or lawyers – in their respective fields: electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, medicine, medical technology and pharmaceuticals, IT, software and website localization, patent law, contract law and other fields of jurisprudence, business administration and economics.

Terminology management

While translating, we use select translation memory tools to create a database for your company in which we save the terminology of the source and target text. Thanks to this method of terminology management, you can be sure that your corporate terminology will be used consistently. Moreover, these databases enable us to give discounts if text passages repeat and do not need to be translated over and over again.

We will produce translations for all of the departments in your enterprise

  • Say the management would like to have a report or the minutes of the Supervisory Board meeting or a conference translated. Our expert translation of your offer or contract will help put your decision on a sound footing.

  • If you are an international company, you may urgently require the translation of a financial text, such as an analysis, financial statement, business report or annual review.

  • Your human resources department may want a translation of a résumé, an employment contract or other human resources document.

  • Research and Development may need a translation of a scientific report, inspection report, test procedure or treatise written in a foreign language.

  • Your Design Department may use technical specifications, such as tender documents, building applications or bills of quantities written in various languages in its work.

  • The Technical Documentation Department may wish to have a technical document, operating instructions, a manual or instructions for software products translated.

  • Your Legal Department my require a translation of legal documents related to contracts (purchase contract, employment contract, license agreement, acquisition agreement, lease), or to industrial property rights (patent application, utility patent, competition law, trade mark law, issuance records, appeal) or to the validation of one of your products or methods.

  • Your Marketing Department would perhaps like to have advertisements, press releases, brochures, flyers, catalogs or websites translated.

  • Your online shop, your e-commerce (B2C or B2B) may need to be laid out for additional languages.


Translating means understanding.


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