Team and Construction



Building construction, civil engineering, structural engineering, landscape gardening, city planning – we provide competent professional translations covering the entire construction process. Texts we frequently translate concern:

  • Earthwork, concrete and reinforced concrete work, drilling, masonry

  • Building construction, roof covering and sealing, water well drilling, road construction

  • Building materials, such as wood, steel reinforced concrete, wattle and daub, and therefore constructional steelwork, reinforced concrete construction, wattle and daub construction, masonry construction, earthworks and drywall installations

  • Structural designs, such as solid construction, frame construction, half-timbered building, industrialized building, composite construction and geotechnical engineering

  • Documents related to building project planning, building permits, building construction and maintenance. In particular, specifications of terms for international competitive bidding procedures, technical specifications and manuals.

Builders, architects and specialist engineers, contracting companies and building permit authorities all put their trust in our translations.