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“Those who fail to invent, disappear. Those who fail to patent, lose.”

Erich Otto Häußler, President of the German Patent and Trademark Office 1976 – 1995

Mahrt Fachübersetzungen supplies translations of patents in all European languages.
This includes related documents in the field of commercial intellectual property protection, such as priority documents, utility patents, trademark registration excerpts or appeals. Well-known patent attorneys’ offices in Hamburg and Munich are among our clients.


All translations are done by qualified professional translators who have an engineer’s degree or comparable technical training in their field of specialization. Every type of patent is treated with the best possible consideration.


We guarantee that every single translation will be given conscientious attention. Every word of every translation is counter-checked, proofed and reviewed by a second member of our team before it is delivered to the customer. We will also be happy to provide a translator’s certificate attesting to the accuracy of any translation.

Consistent terminology

The terms used in a translation are carefully researched and employed with complete consistency. We will compile a specific glossary for each customer to ensure that the terminology used in current and future translations is kept fully consistent. Of course, terminology used in previous translations, such as patent claims, will be taken over upon request.


Our translations are formatted in accordance with the guidelines of the European Patent Office. We are quite willing to take account of our clients’ wishes, as well. We will also edit the figures and text in drawings and other graphics.

Data security

Discretion and data security are guaranteed. Upon request, confidential documents will be sent using Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption, or you can also drag & drop your documents via a file manager directly onto one of our secure SSL/TLS servers.



Translating means understanding.


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