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Solar energy, wind energy, water power, bioenergy, geothermics – renewable or regenerative energy and all subfields are among our specialties.

We often translate texts on

  • Photovoltaics, using solar cells to convert light energy into electric power. Photovoltaic installations, taking energy from sunlight, silicon modules. Combined heat and power by using solar power.

  • Generating electricity from wind energy with wind turbine generators (WTGs). Construction of wind energy converters (WECs) made up of foundation, tower, rotor, rotor blade and nacelle. Different types of wind turbine structures.

  • Hydroelectric energy, conversion of kinetic energy into rotational energy. Hydroelectric power stations, turbines, storage power stations, run-of-river power stations, utilization of water power.

  • Bioenergy, energy stored in biomass through photosynthesis. Biomass, heat, electrical energy, biofuel for internal combustion engines. Fossil fuels, solid fuels. Generating biogas in biogas plants. Combined heat and power by using biogas, sewage gas, wood, vegetable oil.

  • Geothermics or heat from the earth. Combined heat and power, obtaining mechanical energy and heat, conversion into electricity. Geothermic plants, geothermal heat collectors, geothermal probes. Use of heat pumps.

  • Hybrid technology, combined drive systems through energy conversion and energy storage. Electric motors, internal combustion engines, diesel engines, storage batteries, fuel tank.



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